Friday, October 8, 2010

a role model.

Found this video on

Someday I hope to be like this lovely woman: resourceful, strong, confident, and joyful.

Well, with one exception: no matter how much water it saves, I won't be washing my pet's dishes in the same water as my own. But then again, she's a microbiologist and appears pretty healthy.  Maybe doing so presents no harm to our health after all.

My favorite part (besides the rain barrels, ingenious ways to flush a toilet, and the sheer charm of the lady)?

The absolute joy that radiates from ear to ear when she cuts her homegrown artichoke for dinner, as if it's the first time she's ever done so.  It's obvious that she has learned to enjoy the every day pleasures life has to offer!

Now that's a character trait I'm after.

I think it may even be the secret to happiness.

<3 M

P.S. If the video doesn't load, try refreshing your screen. Or you can just go to the website referenced above.

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