Monday, September 27, 2010

radishes and carrots hit the dirt

There comes a time when you've researched a subject so much it hurts, and if you don't just go ahead and try doing the darn thing you've been reading about, you'd be a fool. Hence, I, for the first time, planted my very own veggies from seed. I'm not going to lie, I got a little anxious out there on my front step...questions soaring through my brain: did I use the right size pot? enough soil? the right kind? the right seeds? blah blah blah, around and around we go. Which is why it's easier to sit around in your air conditioned living room drinking iced tea and reading about all of those projects that cool people do.

But I did it. Wahoo! And (probably thanks to the heat wave we're having right now) I got as close to instant gratification as I could get - little radish seedlings sprouting left and right within the first day. I literally went outside every few hours today (now 3 days since planting) to check on them and am just stunned by how fast they are popping up.

baby radish, stretching it's little leaves

hope these varieties are yummy

my setup. carrots and radishes hanging on the fence


Since it's pictured, I'll go ahead and just talk about it: the urban homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen is my latest favorite read. It is jam packed with ideas on how to become an "urban homesteader" - i.e. do things for yourself like grow your own food and then preserve it, recycle rainwater, compost, raise chickens (and other small livestock), and even how to make bread with just flour, water, and salt - old school styles. Check it out, and check out their blog, Homegrown Evolution

Back to the produce: I'll keep you posted! 


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