Monday, March 8, 2010

Living in the Interim

Life often takes us to a period where we are meant to rest, to wait, and to grow. These are not the times we yearn for; but times we yearn to move past from, to escape, move beyond to what is bigger and better.

A good thing can not be rushed.

I currently find myself in an "interim" period. As J and I wait to get married, seeing each other only on the weekends, there is a temptation to speed up the process. If I try to fight time, I get tangled up in the weeks and minutes and seconds that will tick by as they will, ever constant, ever steady. The only thing to do is wait, and learn to enjoy the events that will come to pass before this big life change that we are eagerly anticipating.

In my previous post I made a statement about choosing to be happy. Sometimes happiness is not a choice, rather sadness is the appropriate response. In fact, sadness is often the appropriate response to reality. Instead of stating that we must choose to be happy, I'm changing my approach: We must choose to be content.

Therefore, even though I am sad that J and I must have this "commuter" relationship for now, even though the words we say to comfort ourselves are beginning to fall flat, I will choose to be content. I will choose to take each day for what it offers, be it happiness, sadness, or somewhere in between. And I will choose to enjoy this time, the friendships I have in proximity, this final year and three months of "singlehood."



"Perfection of virtue is not required of me. Perfection of love is, and that is a very different thing."

Madleine L'Engle

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Beginning.

Alright, the time is ripe. I'm ready to make my first post. It's a little bit silly to make an event out of this - it's not like I have any readers eagerly anticipating the thoughts that are dripping from my fingers.

I've given a lot of thought as to what to write about. I'm getting married soon; write about my wedding? I'm a nurse interested in alternative medicine; write about health? I love cooking; write about my latest culinary creations? None of these topics are any I could write about for any period of time.

So I've decided to integrate them. This blog will be about my experience in seeking a holistic lifestyle. My struggle to balance, to grow, to never stop adventuring.

Join me!



...we are only as happy as we choose to be...