Tuesday, January 31, 2012

change can be beautiful.

If there's one thing true about gardening, it's that it's always changing. Having a garden has been an exercise in embracing change without even realizing it; my favorite morning activities include (but are not limited to): checking my email, drinking tea, eating toast, and going outside (usually in my pj's, bathrobe, and gardening boots, to the probable dismay of my neighbors) to check on the plants.

Remember when we toiled away this summer, digging up our yard? Here's what's happened since then:

the tall ones: peas and favas.  next to the a/c: baby radishes. to the left of the path: garlic, onions, baby beets. to the left of the peas + favas: lettuce, arugula, chard. All those things in pots: kale, collards, broccoli

my personal fave: the greens plot. oh homegrown salad is the BEST!

a broccoli plant. I've been checking for signs of broccoli for days...
do you see the baby broccoli inside?

oodles and oodles of strawberries: 50 plants in all.

the community garden plot. remember last year? almost exactly one year later + lots of homemade compost = a healthy garden: left & clockwise: peas, garlic, carrots, leeks, onions, kale, parsnips, radishes, chard, and in the middle beautiful purple borage flowers, bringing in the bees. 

the bees have found our fava beans, too. :)


justumbo said...

homegrown PEAS?! BAHHHHH!! that's so exciting :).

and I have to agree that toast is magical.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else does the garden rounds in their pj's. Mind you, I have found that doing this has meant that on the odd occassion I start gardening in the pj's before I even have breakie.

Meg said...

Christy: Yeah, the peas are great. They are super easy to grow, too. Someday, my friend, someday!

Sarah: Yes!! I love it! I, too, find myself pulling weeds in my robe and slippers!

Clara Florence said...

I love the reclaimed bricks as borders in your garden. And I'm super jealous of your strawberry patch. I can see I have a ways to go before I have a patch. So far, only 10 plants.

Meg said...

Thanks, Clara. The bricks idea is completely stolen from my dad, I think every bed in his yard is framed by bricks. Ten strawberry plants is great!I hope I can maintain all of those plants. They were super cheap - $15 for all of them - so it was an offer I couldn't refuse!

We all have a "ways to go" in various things. As long as you're enjoying it, you're doing well :)

Little Home In The Country said...

Well done! So thrilled for you - I remember you toiling away to get your garden going... all that hard work is paying off :) Fantastic job!

Meg said...

Thanks, Sherri! You are such a supportive friend :)