Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marriage: Whodunnit?

Ok people, we'd not been back from our honeymoon one full day, sorted our laundry together and watched each other clean out our pockets. So how did this happen??

that would be melted gum, covered in lint.

all over our dryer...
It only ruined one shirt, and it wasn't a shirt anyone was particularly fond of (phew!). Thankfully, there was no argument after it happened, only laughter and comments from each of us - "It must have been me! Oops!" I couldn't help but think that this is something that's more likely to happen when you have if we've already done gum in the dryer, what's to come when our family gets bigger?

We watched a plethora of you tube videos which offered all sorts of remedies, most notably "get a dryer sheet wet, stick it to the gum, and then run the dryer and the gum will transfer to the dryer sheet." I doubted that would work and decided to clean it just like I'd clean anything else in my house - with some baking soda and a rag, and lo and behold it worked like a charm. Took a bit of elbow grease, but our dryer is now gum free. Score one more for baking soda!

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justumbo said...

you should swab the gum for some spit, take it to work, do a DNA test, see whose it was, and then that person has to suffer with listening to Friday for 24 hours.

Just kidding ;). love ya MJ and J^2!