Friday, June 11, 2010

Morning Prayer

As a way to relieve stress and limber up, I've been practicing yoga. This morning, a prayer came to me while I was performing Sun Salutations. Go to the link to see the moves, practice a few times, and then allow the poses to guide you through this prayer or your own. Each line of the prayer corresponds with each pose.

          Father, I stand with firm feet on the earth you have created
     I greet this new day with joy and thanksgiving
        I greet this new day with reverence and respect
  I gaze at the earth from whence I came
    I remember the ground from which I was formed
            I feel it firm and solid beneath me
                   I am thankful for your love, and I accept it
          I come into your presence
  Use this day to teach me
                      I will keep my heart and mind open
                That my love for you will deepen
                        And that I may deeply love and respect self and other



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